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There's a lot of things that have been happening right now.
I've saved almost 2k dollars and i've paid off almost 3k on my car. I've got to start paying back housing to my parents so hopefully I get those receipts from them soon.
Work has been a hassle and I've been speculating on whether I will keep this job. It doesn't pay well hourly, but it gets me by and is boosting my savings monthly. However, doing what I do right now for the pay I'm getting with no benefits is not going to be worth it halfway through the year. I spend so much in gas and bills that I may lose sight of what it is i'm there to gain. I try despretely to cling onto the hope of full employment but its only a 10% chance they MAY hire me on. I would stay if they did. The math works out in my head if they pay me just another 3-5 $ more I could survive and have savings up in that town instead of this home base. Unfortunately, as the days go by my motivation for other things drains into the work bucket. I'm slacking off in classes and my personal projects because of it.
While I do wish to continue working in factory work testing units, i know for certain that it is just going to get more boring as the weeks go on and on and on and I'll snap at some point.
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