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It feels like ages. It was only Monday this week that I last posted. I did find one of my kindles, changed my oil and filter, cleaned my car, and turned in the portrait assignment. Works been good. It doesn't kill me as bad anymore since I stopped coming in at dark thirty AM. I can get almost 6 hours of sleep except for the nights of class. Hopefully I figure out a way of waking up those days.
The perspective/foreshortening assignment still hasn't been turned in on my account. It's my own fault for putting stuff off still. It's one of those situations where too many things are going on and I can't keep track of all of them. Well, not so much keep track-i know what i need to have finished and when- but I just don't want to do them when I have the time. My free time gets sucked into gym time, internet, and watching M.A.S.H.
There are just so many things that I want to share. I'll begin with earlier this week.
I got really angry at work and I'm not entirely sure why. I was tired and cranky and trying my best to hold it in but it shows on my face, turning it totally red. What sets it off is that I'm tired as fuck and moving slowly at work makes me start to fall asleep. Too bad that 80% of the work ethic there is to go slow as snot all day until the last 2 hours when they buzzcram the last ten units out. Why do people try to milk work hours? What happened to doing your job as efficiently as possible and then going home?
School work also gets me down. Two classes makes me feel swamped! Shit needed to get done today but I sure as fuck am not working on it. RIght now I can't even go to sleep because of how much i needed done today. If i go to bed I know for certain that i will not be waking up tomorrow until it's 3am Monday and i need to get ready for work.
I finally got to see one of my friends though. I'm going to try and hang out with 'em my one day off this week otherwise I'll become a talking trap and never let either of us go home at night after classes.
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